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Who We Are

We are an editorial collective known as the Copyist. We are insatiable readers and professional editors who are passionate about working with others to create beautiful writing that persuades, informs, and entertains. We have a passion for the written word, and would love to help you with your editorial needs. 

Editing is good for you.

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What We Do

Now that you’ve written something brilliant, it’s time to give it a final polish. At the Copyist, we work meticulously to ensure the correctness, consistency, and clarity of your writing in the areas of grammar, spelling, usage, formatting, and style. These are the seemingly small errors that can muddle your message or turn readers off. We retain your voice while fixing the little things to ensure clear, compelling, engaging communication with your readers.

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our Clients

We have a broad range of editorial and QA experience working with academic publications, independent authors, nonprofits, cooperatives, small businesses, and Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

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Have a project for us? We can help with almost anything: scholarly journal submissions, blog articles, theses, dissertations, fiction, newsletters, web copy, scripts, eLearning, business reports, PR and marketing documents, press releases, technical documents, presentations, and communiqués. We can even help you create a custom house style guide.

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